SGB is a quarterly print and digital guidebook about Singapore for the Indonesian travelers. We provide up-to-date information about Singapore, including recommendations about places to stay, places to eat, the latest news and upcoming events, off-the-beaten-track places, health and information for halal travelers. Our mission is to help Indonesian travelers to truly and deeply discover Singapore, its culture and traditions. Please visit our FAQ section to find out the answers to the most frequently asked question about us.Join #SGB_Family now!


SGB was founded by Tania Gromenko, a Russian young lady (her personal Instagram page: @tanyagromenko) who started studying the Indonesian language back in Moscow when she was 18 years old. This is our story told by Tania herself:

“When I was 18 years old, I got a scholarship from one of the most prestigious universities in Russia called Moscow State University of International Relations. I was very happy because I was from a small town and moving to Moscow, Russian capital, was my dream. Besides, scholarship meant that I would be able to study for free.

Surprising News

However, a scholarship also meant that I will not be able to choose a language I will be studying as only students who paid were allowed to do that. I remember when I was told that I will be studying Indonesian – I was so shocked because I did not even know where Indonesia was located. However, I was happy at the same time as I like exotic languages and I thought it would be fun learning about new culture.

And fun it was! I was frequestly visiting the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow, got to know many Indonesian students who lived in Moscow at that time, made friends with the Indonesian Ambassador to Moscow and his wife, and participated in all kinds of events related to Indonesia. My dream was to visit Indonesia and I applied to all kind of grants and scholarships I could ever find online, but always failed.

Dream come true

When I was at my 3rd year of the university, I (yay, finally!) got a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia which sponsored my 4-months educational trip to Indonesia and I got a chance to live in Bali and study Balinese culture, Balinese traditional dances and playing gamelan. It was indeed a lot of fun and I met so many exciting people during my trip, that I promised to myself to one day live in Indonesia.

After I finished university, I registered for the internship course with a popular Indonesian TV Channel NET.TV based in Jakarta where I went for 3 months and worked as an Assistant Reporter. During that time, my life has totally changed as I met my future husband and I had to return to Russia.

When it all began

However, I told my husband how I love Indonesia and how much I want to live there. However, Singapore was better in terms of career opportunities, so we moved there – very close to Indonesia, so I was happy!

When we moved to Singapore, I had an idea to start a magazine about Singapore in Bahasa Indonesia since I knew there was nothing like that in the market yet, and I believed this would be something Indonesian people would love. My idea grew over time, and in March 2019, I have started SGB!

I was first working all by myself, but right now SGB has grown a lot and I am very happy to have all out #SGB_Team who have made SGB as it is today – useful, fun and comprehensive!”.

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