Singapore is considered to have one of the best education in ASEAN because it is the most developed small country in the world. A lot of people from all over the world, including Indonesians come to Singapore to study. However, a great number of international students often fail to perform well in school because of the language differences and the pressure of competing with the local students.

Education System

In most countries, a compulsory of 12 years of education is required for everyone. Elementary School takes 6 years, Middle School takes 3 years and High School takes another 3 years. However, in Singapore, Primary Education requires 6 years, 4-5 years of Secondary Education (N Level or GCE O Level), and 2 years of Junior College (A Level) or 3 years of Polytechnic Studies (Diploma).

In different parts of the world, countries use different system of educations or a similar one. Primary Education is equal to Elementary school, but grade 11 is equal to either Secondary 5 or first year of Junior College or first year of Polytechnic Studies. But are your credits or level transferable? not always.

Normally, students will need to take a Foundation Study in Mathematics and English for a year from grade 9 in their own countries to prepare themselves for GCE Cambridge O-Level.


The people of Singapore are diverse and thanks to technology, everything is fast in Singapore. The following is a list of tips for you who wants to study in Singapore.

  1. Language

The dominant language in Singapore is English while Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are second. If your country of origin’s language is not mentioned above, it will be advisable for you to at least understand and able to speak English before coming to Singapore.

  1. Embassy Contact Information

Embassy of Indonesia:

7 Chatsworth Road Singapura 249671

(+65) 6737 7422


Embassy of China:

150 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247969

(+65) 6471 2117


Embassy of Japan:

16 Nassim Rd, Singapore 258390

(+65) 6235 8855

  1. Life Expenses

Singapore is considered to be among the most expensive country in the world. However, the cost for foods and clothings are of reasonable price.

  1. Universities

In order to enter Singapore prestigious universities or best university in Singapore like National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), you will need a strong foundation in English language, Mathematics and outstanding results from GCE A-Level.





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