Aside from Rive Hongbao, a Chinese New Year event in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss is the Chingay Parade. Though it is celebrated during Chinese New Year, this event unites people and Singapore arts festival from all cultures of Singapore; celebrated by the Chinese, Malay, Indians, and Eurasia. 

The word Chingay is ‘zhuang yi’ in Mandarin, which means ‘costume and masks involved arts’ in Hokkien Float Chingay shows daring bright colourful colours and it is considered to be the largest street show and biggest float in Asia. This parade starts from F1 Pit Building and stretches to NS Square (Marina Bay Floating Platform) where River Hongbao is held. 

This year, Chingay Parade will be held on 15 and 16 February 2019 with the theme, “Dreams Funtasia” (Bicentennial Edition).

One of the main highlight of this year’s parade is the  270×7 metre paintings that show the past, present and future. Additionally, there are also unique dances performed by groups of culture dancers. Don’t miss the giant LED Dragon Balloon that measures 49 metres. There will also be acrobats, singers, cyclists, Zumba dance, and other attractions! Not forgetting the fireworks, they will be launched at night time of the parade dates.

This parade is also bringing you “Chingay 2019 Carnival”that will be available for three days on 15-17 February from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m at the pen space of Singapore Flyer. This carnival is suitable for children because of its many family-friendly activities, Instagrammable installations, along with food and drinks that are trending. There, will also be sold limited edition merchandise! Enough for a souvenir.

On 17 February, Chingay Carnival will transform F1 racing tracks into a huge playground for giveaways and presents. At night, you will be able to hear the melody to “Movie Under the Star” right beside the F1 track. 

Chingay Parade

15-16 Februari


F1 Pit Building

To check the ticket cost, click here. The price starts at S$50 and can be cheaper with promotions!

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