Singapore is famous for its high standard and expensive ways of living. Especially, the shopping paradise stamp attached to Singapore makes you want to spend all of your money there. Nevertheless, is it possible to travel to Singapore on a thin budget? Of course it is! With strong intentions and consistency in making travel plans and budgeting arrangements, traveling to Singapore is for everyone.  Here are some tips to save money while traveling in Singapore!


There are many ways to save money when traveling, for example by minimizing expenses for accommodations. You can choose cheap accommodations such as shared-room inns or dorm rooms that require you to share facilities with other travelers. The choice falls on capsule hotels which are now highly popular among travelers. Capsule hotels offer separate cabins for sleeping with fairly complete facilities. However, this accommodation is not the perfect fit for those of you who like closed places and quiet spaces. At such accommodations, you also have to be careful in storing your belongings, especially money and cellphones.

If you want to find a capsule hotel at a low price, you can look for it at the Little India with the price range of 60 SGD or even cheaper if you choose a shared room.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of the facilities offered at Changi Airport. Usually, travelers stay at Changi Airport on the first and last day of their trip. Cheap flights usually land at night, which makes getting transportation from the airport sometimes difficult and expensive. You can stay at Changi Airport until morning comes for free. And worry not, Changi Airport is one of the safest and most comfortable places to stay for travelers.


In addition to reducing expenses for accommodations, you can also control the daily cost of meals when traveling to Singapore. The best tip for you is to stay away from a touristy crowded place and go right to the hawker center or food court..

You can either go to Maxwell in Chinatown or Tekka Center in Little India .These cheap eateries serve dishes at low prices, along with street food. You can find hawker centers or other food courts available throughout Singapore. Avoid crowded tourist restaurants or esthetic cafes unless you can afford spending a lot of money.

Of course, it’s almost ‘illegal’ to go to Singapore without going shopping. Just because you are a budget traveler, doesn’t mean you should miss this rare opportunity. You can still shop, but you have to shop at certain locations. You can go to Bugis Market,near Bugis Station MRT. In addition to selling various items, from clothing to souvenirs, this shopping place is very cheap. Furthermore, you can also visit Mustafa Center in the Little India or Lucky Plaza area on Orchard Road .With a little bit of exploring, you can find more cheap shopping places.

As for the rest, you can spend your money to visit fun tourist attractions. Don’t forget to use public transportation, but always avoid taking a taxi! That way, you will save even more money. Happy Traveling!

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