Being healthy is what everyone wants no matter their age. No one in this world is immune to diseases and that is why prevention is always better than sorry when it comes to our well being.


In this millennial age, even young people are likely to get diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cholesterol and cancer. These illnesses are mainly caused by our lifestyles, which is why things like our diet, exercise frequency, hours of sleep, stress level and human relations are important.

From the above factors, we are going to focus on what we eat daily. It is no mystery that many people, especially Asians, love carbohydrate food (pasta, rice, junk food), sweet and also salty food. Drinks that is loved by many such as Coca Cola and other carbonated drinks contain high amount of sugar which can cause diabetes and cholesterol.


You are very recommended to eat more nutritional food such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat and wheat to have a balanced diet. If you love rice, try switching to red or brown rice and other healthier alternative like soba and zoodles (noodle made out of zucchini). Trying to quit snacking? Try switching your snacks to almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and other healthy nuts and seeds instead.


As human beings living in a city life like Singapore, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from stress. Though people have enough nutrition, exercise and sleep, they can still very much be affected by stress. 

The first step to prevent all these is to get yourselves a life insurance for critical diseases. Let’s learn to invest in what maters and that is our lives to be prepared if anything bad happens. If you would like to consult, you can send an email to 

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