Orchard Road and Marina Bay are probably familiar to your ears already as Singapore Tourist Attractions and shopping centres. Let’s move on from the mainstream flow, shall we? You may not have heard about Duxton Hill, but trust us when we say that there are many exciting and Instagrammable spots at this underrated place!

Duxton Hill has a very long history. This place was once a slum. There were many people who worked as a pedicab drivers and that was why this place was also known as Jinrickshaw Place. Most of these pedicab drivers migrated from China and the city of Hui Ann. People from China who had sufficient money also started shophouses in this area. 

A lot of things have changed in today’s version of Duxton Hill. However, you can still see the ancientness of this area as shophouses can still be seen today. Just like its name, it’s located a little bit up hill compared to the central districts in Singapore. With the help of the government, many shops and and terraced houses are still around and open!

Stores in Duxton Hill
Stores in Duxton Hill

There is a famous hotel in Duxton Hill by the name of 8 shophouses that only has 3 levels! During the day, there are many activities that can be done here such as going to bookshops, local boutiques, have some juice and snacks. Duxton Hill will also come to life even more at night time as there are many bars, karaoke places and restaurants that will be opened. Many Singaporean youngsters come here to hang out at night.

Duxton Hill is located at Chinatown. You can take the MRT, stop at Chinatown MRT station, take Exit A towards South Bridge and walk for approximately 11 minutes to arrive here. Walk at SouthBridge until you have passed Maxwell Food Centre, then walk towards Tanjong Pagar. After that, take a right turn towards Duxton Hill. 

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