Good new for you risk takers — Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is back this year with new and exciting attractions! This second carnival edition will be on going from 22 December to 24 March

Reported by Channel NewsAsia, this 23,000 metre square Singapore tourist attractions is temporary and brings 50 games and rides from around the world. Located at Bayfront Event Space, four new rides is being introduces this year including Wave Swinger from Italy that will start its debut in Southeast Asia. Participants of this particular ride will sit on a hanging chair that will be dropped and raised drastically.

The organiser of this event promised “a series of fantastic programs”, food challenges and dance competitions.


“The carnival will be going progressively, releasing three monthly themes — inviting all visitors to make memories of ‘crazy’ ‘loving’ and ‘epic’ and accompanied by friends and families” said the broadcaster of this carnival.

Prizes in marina bay carnival
Source: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

It is free of charge upon entering the carnival but attractions will be “made easy to access” for visitors starting from SGD 6 to SGD 14 and games from SGD 5 to SGD 8.

Fast track tickets are also available for SGD 30 per person for those who doesn’t want to wait in a long line!

Food at the carnival
Source: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
Ramen in the carnival

Additionally, the carnival will be holding a fashion contest, among some other concerts in Singapore, with a monthly theme. The winner will be awarded with bonus credits and skipping the queue entirely.

“We hope that this event will become an iconic tradition that will be repeated by friends and families to create a once in a lifetime memories together” said Barnabas Chia, head of carnival organisation team.

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