Singapore passport has climbed up to be second most powerful passport in the world in 2018, just below United Arab Emirates which stands the first.

Advising company Global Arton Capital Passport Index decides the power level of a passport based on the visa free country the passport holder can travel or with visitor pass visa.

Singapore passport is number two

In this year’s ranking United Arab Emirates passport holds a score of 167. United Arab Emirates passport holders can travel to 113 countries without visa and 54 countries with visa upon arrival.

According to Straits Times, Singapore is just slightly below Arab with a score of 166 because Singapore passport holders can only visit 127 countries visa free and 39 countries with social visit pass.

German also scored 166, standing on the third rank. German passport holders are able to visit 126 countries without visa, a very tight difference with Singapore!

Congratulation Singapore!

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