October 8, 2018

I’ve heard a lot about Singapore even before I stepped on its land: First world. Rich country. Leader in global innovation. Safest city. Holds the most powerful passport in the world.

These were the usual things I hear about Singapore. And I’ve proven all of these true when I first visited the country last May 2018. Coming from a third-world country, everything in Singapore seems surreal to me. It’s like being transported into the future.

I enjoyed my first visit and couldn’t get enough of the country that I immediately booked another trip when I came home. It has always been a dream of me to travel to a foreign place all by myself. And what a waste would it be if Singapore won’t be the destination I’ll be going? So I had it all planned out. I figured the perfect time to do my solo trip is on my 23rd birthday. I booked a ticket, I booked my hotel, and I’m ready to have the best time of my life alone in the city that I fell in love with.

I spent 5 days exploring the beautiful places in Singapore, all the while trying to accomplish everything that is on my itinerary. I don’t want to waste a second! I wanted to do everything that I can during my stay. But no matter how much you’ve planned your trip, things will never go the way it was planned. I didn’t finish half of my itinerary. However, I’m not sad at all. In fact, I’m overjoyed! I told myself, all right, fuck the plan, just go walk everywhere, get lost in the city, eat whatever you want, take photos, meet people, talk to strangers, get drunk, enjoy your liberty.. And that’s what I did.

I met a few people. I walked around the city until my legs hurt. I took photos of almost everything. I ate what the locals ordered. I got drunk but still a responsible drinker, of course. I was so happy to be in the city that my heart aches. I am having the time of my life. I don’t know a soul in the country, but I felt so safe, so welcomed. It was like I am born for this country. I am born to be in this country. I was alone, but I never felt lonely. Everything was so beautiful.

Fleeting, fragile, beautiful.

Whoever said that you become a changed person after you travel by yourself? Well, It is true. You leave tiny pieces of you everywhere you go, and in return, you go home carrying all these unforgettable memories and keep it deep in your heart. A pool of memories that you can always fantasize about when you need to escape reality.

You know when you’re in love, and you just feel all kinds of emotions. Feels like your heart is going to leap right out of your body every time you hear their name? That’s what I felt towards Singapore. Not because I’m terrified to be in a foreign country. It’s a country that is hard to not fall in love. Indeed, heaven is a place on earth.

Singapore — the place that holds my Hopes and Dreams. I will be back, and it will be for good.


Julia Hobayan


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