Those of you who are photography/videography enthusiast are probably looking for best places to see in Singapore to fly your drones! The regulations of drones in every country are different. Some don’t even permit flying a drone at all while others allow it with conditions in tacked. For instance, flying a drone in Indonesia is permitted to be 150 m high seen with the naked eyes and below 120 m internationally. Now, what about the rules of drone flying in Singapore?

Aside from the standard safety rules, the height of a flying drone needs to be paid attention to. In Singapore, drones are only allowed to fly about 60 m high and never enter public areas, airport area and military base or marked area. It is prohibited to activate a drone that can carry or drop objects. 


  • Maximum height: 60 Metre
  • More than 5 km from military air
  • Outside of limited areas, dangerous areas or protected areas
  • Drones less than 7 kg do need permission to fly

Above all, you can apply for permission on drone flying by visiting Do read and make sure you are following the law in the country because the consequence can be paying fine (especially for commercials).

Example of cases in which this activity is done without permission:

You are planning to use your drone for recreation purpose. The website of CAAS states that your location of choice is within 5 km from military base/air. You would need Class 2 Activity Permit that will cost $60.

Rules and regulations of drones often changes with time. Some areas are limited and there are even time or places where you are not allowed to use your drones at all (like during the independence day of Singapore, military training, etc). You can check for updates at

The fine starts from $20,000 to $40,000 or 15 months or more imprisonment. This is why it is vital for you to know the rules set in this country beforehand!

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