When visiting Singapore, one of your top must go list should be Gardens by The Bay. Its amazing structure and view are what made this place become one of the most visited Singapore tourist attractions. The followings are some of the most famous and instagrammable spots so be sure to drop a visit here!

SuperTree Grove

SuperTree at Gardens by the Bay

SuperTree Grove is a gigantic man-made trees with hight of 25-50 metre. Its design is eco friendly and truly breathtaking. Every trunk of the trees built at Gardens by the Bay is made out of concrete and coated with steel.

During the day, you can find shelter from the burning sun of Singapore thanks to the trees’ huge canopy. On the other hand, the giant trees comes to life at night because it’s decorated with colourful lights. You can come here every night to enjoy Garden Rhapsody, a light show provided by the giant trees and accompanied by music in the dark, at 19:45 and 20:45 for free!

OCBC Skywalk

OCBC Skywalk is a 128m high bridge that connects the two biggest trees in the garden. It is made for visitors to experience the view of surroundings from the top of the trees. This opportunity to walk on OCBC Skywalk shouldn’t be missed by anyone and take a picture because we can promise you an awesome view from here. OCBC Skywalk is located near SuperTree Grove. It’s free to enter SuperTree Grove but you will need to pay SGD 5-8 to enter OCBC Walk.

Cloud Forest

Did you know that it took 2,577 glass panels to cover this dome and it has 690 different shapes and sizes. There is Cloud Mountain, a 35 metre high mountain replication that is covered with all sorts of green plants, inside Cloud Forest. This mountain is located at the heart of Cloud Forest and it has a waterfall to make it look come alive.

Waterfall at cloud forest

The Fall is the name of the waterfall and it is 0.8 hectare wide. It was nominated as the “world tallest indoor waterfall”. This waterfall gets help from fog and low temperature to create a sense of being in a beautiful forest.

Flower Dome

Flower dome fish themed

Flower Dome is the biggest greenhouse in the world as World Record Guinness declared in 2015. While Cloud Forest is made to be humid and foggy, Flower Dome is neatly decorated with florals to create a cold and dry Mediterranean vibe. Flower Dome offers exotic flowers from five different continents and this is why this dome is known to have spring season all year long. Take a look at the olive tree here that is thousands years of age and Baobab, an African originated tree.

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