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Health is now a concern because diseases can spread rapidly. People have tried to eat healthy, change their lifestyles and go for all kinds of care and prevention to live longer. Today, Yulys Ng, a financial advisor who wants to help others to live healthy and long lives, will share some information about how to be healthy, live longer, and to prevent critical illnesses.

What are examples of critical illnesses that are affected by lifestyle related diseases?

The most common lifestyle related diseases that can cause critical illnesses are complications of diabetes (blind, organ failure: kidney / liver / heart, and others), cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, high cholesterol (stroke / heart attack, heart surgery by- pass), and Stress / depression (cancer). In the latest statistical study, 1 in 4-5 people tend to come into contact with cancer or diabetes in their lives. 1 in 2 healthy people aged 65 years are at risk of becoming disabled before the time of their death.

How can we prevent and avoid lifestyle-related diseases?

The way people live plays an important role in their health. The food that they eat, frequency of exercise, hours of sleep, stress levels and their social activities are things that determine lifestyles. There are many aspects that affect lifestyles but I will limit this discussion to dietary/eating habits. Common foods in Indonesia consist mainly of carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, fried dumplings (fried chicken, fried rice, etc.) and high amounts of sugar and salt, plus sweet drinks. These foods can cause an increase in the amount of glucose in the body that is not controlled and high levels of triglycerides (cholesterol) that cause blood pressure to rise. In the long term, this condition can cause strokes (heart attacks) and type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, the choice of food we eat is very important for our health. I suggest, especially for Indonesians, to have a balanced diet. The key to a balanced diet is to have different variations and colors of vegetables, fruits, meats and seeds. Examples of healthy rice are crude basmati rice, brown rice, millet, sorghum, and tri-color quinoa. For noodles, it’s better for red / brown rice noodles, or soba noodles. These rice grains have a lower Glycemic index. Substitution, you can replace noodles with Zoodles (noodles from Zucchini) and cauliflower.

Are there recipes for making practical, fast and nutritious breakfast?

Yes, I myself have done research and learning from doctors and nutrition experts. I designed a smoothie recipe that can provide enough energy and nutrition until lunch time.

If people have adopted a healthy lifestyle, do they still need life insurance for protection against initial critical illness?

Yes, it is important to protect our finances against critical illness with protection from life insurance. If we are not healthy, we cannot work, so there is no money to continue a decent life. In big cities like Jakarta and Singapore, people today have busy schedules, stressful lifestyles and poor eating habits (too much oil / fat and less vegetables). In other words, lifestyle changes can be made to prevent it, but we can never completely escape from critical illnesses because of many other factors such as unavoidable stress and decreased sleep quality.

Healthy and practical smoothie recipes for breakfast:

Sweet fruit: banana, mango, papaya. Or choose

Non-sweet fruit: avocado (for people with diabetes)

Sour fruit: kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, orange, lemon, apple.

Green vegetables: spinach, cabbage leaves (kale), green mustard greens, or other green vegetables.

Nuts: pea protein flour (pea) / yellow bean (soy bean), almond / hazelnut bean flour.

Grains: basil seeds (chia seeds), flaxseed (basil seeds), sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

The trick: select and cut one / two sweet, sour and green vegetables into small pieces and mix the protein flour of peas and almonds. Next, add sunflower seeds and pumpkin along with ice if necessary. Blend them altogether. The basil / hemp seeds can. be put into the water a little until it expands, and then just mix it into the smoothie. Smoothies ready to drink.

Critical illness insurance generally provides protection, covering a total of 104 diseases: 32 Early Critical Illnesses, 29 intermediate, 43 major (large) and 5 additional special conditions. For example, the earliest cancer stage is 0 while serious cancer starts from stage 2 or 3 at the very least. To get this insurance protection agreement, a person must be healthy and do not have lifestyle related diseases.

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