When travelling, you will need to organise your financial matters wisely. A way to do so is to save on travelling expenses. It is no secret that transportation fees will cost quite a lot if you move to different places too often using taxis and car rentals. Alternatively, you can actually use the safe and comfortable public transportations in Singapore. 

The Difference of Singapore Tourist Pass and Ez-Link Card

Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is a card that you can use all day long (unlimited) when using public transportation in Singapore like MRT, LRT and buses. However, the card does not include Express Services, Fast Forward, Night Owl, NightRider, Chinatown Direct, premium service bus, etc. STP is recommended for tourists because it is designed just to ease your trip in SG!

STP machine in Singapore

Ez-link card on the other hand, is used to pay for “all” public transportations in Singapore such as MRT, LRT, Bus, Sentosa Express, etc. You can top-up Ez-link card and its balance will reduce automatically every time you tap into a public transportation. Ez-link cards can also be used as a payment method (replacing cash) at stores like Seven Eleven. It’s similar to e-money in Indonesia!

While Ez-link cards need top-up and balance inside it, Singapore Tourist Passes do not need any top-up because it can be used unlimitedly (according to your given time limit). This is why, STP is very recommended for travelers to ease your journeys! 


Singapore Tourist Pass has 3 duration options:

  • 1 Day Pass (SGD 10)
  • 2 Day Pass (SGD 16)
  • 3 Day Pass (SGD 20)

There is also a deposit of $10 upon card purchase (can be returned once you have given back the STP card)

These prices apply to adults and children above 90 cm. The usage of pass is accounted the first time you tap the card and will end at 11:59 day time on the expiration date. Using the 2 or 3 days worth card, it needs to be done consistently. For further information, visit www.thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg

Ez-link card can be purchased for $12, inclusive of the card price of $5 and the balance of the card, $7.

STP is now very recommended


To purchase Singapore Tourist Pass, you can check the locations at www.thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg/where-to-buy. You can also get a me-refund ticket at TransitLink Ticket Offices that are located at Changi Airport, Kranji, Lavender, Dhoby Ghaut and Marina South Pier MRT Station. This card, unlike Singapore Tourist Pass, cannot be returned to the STP kiosk. Visit www.transitlink.com.sg to check the updated locations.

If you have any problems, you can call the EZ-Link hotline at 6496 8300 or email to customerservice@ezlink.com.sg. The operation hours is 08.00-18.00 daily except for public holidays. 

Now, with pocket friendly price, you would’t need to worry about transportation fees in Singapore anymore!

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