After being 9 years in Tanglin Village, Contemporary Art Museum MOCA@Loewen is closing its doors since Monday (11 February).

According to Singapore Land Authority (SLA), 27A, 30B and 30C of Loewen Road, about 138.424 metre square was given to Aurum Land.

Reported by Strait Times, in the statement on Monday, the museum thanked National Heritage Council and art protectors for all their support  all these years.

A total of 6,000 local and international artists works had been exhibited here and 40 internationally famous art exhibition was brought to Singapore.

Opened in 2009, this self funded and free ticket museum focuses on contemporary arts. This three combined building has areas for exhibitions, cafe, and outdoor statue gardens. 

MOCA or Museum of Contemporary Arts is an art museum (private) that brings you arts you can never access in national museum in Singapore. The Indie art gallery here is very aesthetic both indoor and outdoor.

The ambition and dreams of MoCA is to bring and introduce to the public the beauty of contemporary arts from different parts of the world. As a result, the museum fully dedicated itself for contemporary art pieces.

Among some of the exhibition held in 2018 were Bahrain Artweek singapore, Horizons of the Mind, and Imperfect Creations. At the end of last year, Tiffany & Co also held its party here in the museum.

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