Clothes, checked. Passport, checked. Money, checked. At times, no matter how well you pack, there seems to be at least an item that you might have forgotten be it significant or insignificant. The solution to this is to do cheap shopping in Singapore. This is also perfect for you backpackers! The following is a list of cheap stores in Singapore.

Mustafa Center

This 24 hours shop is the go-to mall for cheap electronics, groceries and daily necessities. Located at the heart of Little India, Mustafa Canter is the place where you can find travelling needs like shower equipments, make-up and even luggage if you are bringing more things back.

Tips: Mustafa Centre can be super crowded on the weekend so avoid peak hours as much as you can!

145 Syed Alwi Road – 24 hours


Daiso is a Japanese store that sells almost everything you can think of, including travelling necessities. There are many Daiso branches in Singapore, two of them are located in Orchard. All items only cost SGD 2. One of Daiso’s most wanted item is the vacuum pack which can be very helpful if you need more space in your luggage. Click here to see where you can find Daiso stores.

Don Don Donki

This second Japanese store on the list is located in the heart of shopping district in Singapore. Don Don Donki in Orchard Central Shopping Mall in Singapore took over two storeys in the month of December 2017. This store is actually a branch of a famous discount shop in Japan called Don Quijote. The products that is being sold here are imported directly from Don Quijote in Japan. Shop major necessities, snacks, shower accessories, make-up and luggages here.

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road B1 & B2 – 24 hours


You might know this one well! Mniso is a retail shop that has Japanese style but comes from China. Miniso is famous for its plushie from Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears, affordable water bottles and other travelling accessories.

Venus Beauty

As a local private distributor, Venus Beauty focuses on make-up related products, shower needs, lip balms, lotions and sunscreen. Men, don’t worry because this store also provides men products for you. This store is very convenient as it sells travel sized necessities that you can bring when travelling without using too many space in your bags.


budget shopping at value store

Valudollar (or Valu $) has may branches in Singapore and the shelf racks in the store give a vibe of being in a warehouse. This store sells all kinds of snacks and candies. You can also find household items and even simple electronics here.


myCK in Singapore

myCK is a “department” store that sells cheap shower necessities for travellers. The majority of branches can be found near housing area in Singapore and this is why myCK products are very affordable. Click here to check all the stores of myCK in Singapore.

Interested to come to one of the store? Bring the necessities that you need but if you can’t, you can rest assured that there are stores in Singapore that will have your back, offering products with affordable price. Good luck planning on your next trip to Singapore without spending too much!

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